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Reviews of Cadavers

"The themes that are explored in Cadavers are heavy and relevant to virtually any era of human existence, which is just one of the strengths of this book. The creepy-yet-fun presentation of the story and humorous nature of some of the characters are an excellent contrast to these themes, and make Cadavers a truly unique reading experience." - A Place to Hang your Cape.

"They add very human elements to the Cadavers themselves which may be unexpected given how they look but they then add some twists and turns to add extra surprises…….and that all adds up to a surprising & involving title to get lost in. Great stuff." - Comics Anonymous.

"You wouldn’t expect the words ‘stunning’ and ‘cadavers’ to be used in the same sentence, but Matt Hardy and Ed Bentley’s tale of a group of undead supernatural characters attempting to assimilate into the real world looks absolutely superb." - Pipedream Comics.