About Us

Mad Robot Comics is a Sussex based publisher of quirky comic books and graphic novels - designed to peel the sanity back from your eyeballs and eat the wet, juicy bits of your brain.

Titles include:

MADHOUSE - a mad-science exploration of the depths of insanity.

LAST EXIT TO BRIGHTON - two mismatched detectives hunting a prophecy obsessed serial killer through a post-apocalyptic future.

THE GULLS - a cautionary tale on the dangers of winged seaside friends.

MURDER MOST MUNDANE  - A murderous and brutal horror set against the backdrop of a tranquil, picturesque small village.

The ongoing saga of the CADAVERS - supernaturally powered misfits on a mission to confront the man behind their misery. 

We are: - 

Matt Hardy (Writer - Cadavers, Last Exit to Brighton, Madhouse, Murder Most Mundane, The Gulls) 

Edward Bentley (Artist - Cadavers, Last Exit to Brighton, Madhouse, The Gulls) 

Ash Deadman (Writer - Murder Most Mundane)

Clark Bint (Artist - Murder Most Mundane)